Back story: Sameer (name changed), one of our participants called me up before the start of our monthly accountability program, and told me that he won’t be able to attend the 10 minute creation and completion call since it’s in his office hours.

I said ok.

For Sameer, me and…

Iwould like to narrate an incident which happened in my life, this was when I was in my junior college and I was staying at 4-bungalow in Andheri. I had good acquaintance with young junta of few of the blocks around my building, this was the time of the year…

Like weekly review, yearly review is also a checklist of things you would like to do or check off from the list.

So make your own customized checklist either using pen & paper or excel sheet or any app of your liking

#1. Organize all the computer files on laptop and take adequate backup

  1. All Images
  2. All Videos
  3. All PDF
  4. All Word

Dear Faculty,

On the event of Teacher`s Day, we would like to take a contribution from your end in a form of a write up to know about your philosophy and teaching pedagogy.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher my only job is to create curiosity in students' minds. A curious…

Arun Kumar V वाघचौरे

Teacher + Trainer + Entrepreneur (Visiting Faculty at Welingkar + Getting Things Done Trainer + Edupreneur at,Productivity enthusiast

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