Back story: Sameer (name changed), one of our participants called me up before the start of our monthly accountability program, and told me that he won’t be able to attend the 10 minute creation and completion call since it’s in his office hours.

I said ok.

For Sameer, me and even for 99.99% of the people it’s a hard reality that we don’t have a say, a flexibility on doing something else in the timing of our workplace. That’s the occurrence that we have of how things are for most of us.

But what got me into deep thinking was…

This is quite a board question, looking from point of view of WFH

Before WFH, WFO was also not necessarily the best option for everyone, it’s not possible that you would have an office within 1km of your house, and your wife’s office, kids schools are also on the way so that you are able to drop them as shown in movies. In real life we are infested with traffic snarls, jam packed trains and buses.

WFH is the only choice in a pandemic, I am missing the office environment, distinction or boundary between work and life. I think in…

Iwould like to narrate an incident which happened in my life, this was when I was in my junior college and I was staying at 4-bungalow in Andheri. I had good acquaintance with young junta of few of the blocks around my building, this was the time of the year when we were glued to apache Indian songs on Walkman and were already getting bored with watching and discussing WWF, we had no other choice but to stick to MTV VJ and listen to there crap.

It was a Dhai Handi day and since my friends from the neighborhood saw…

I won’t say these are 6 types of PMF, but rather cases one comes across wrt PMF. Micah, thank you for sharing these pointers these are golden nuggets , for entrepreneurs to avoid in their PMF.

As per David, everyone in your house needs to have one in-tray for each member. After listening to this I really got excited, rushed to my favorite stationery store and bought 3 vertical box in-trays (see pic) one for my mom, one for my wife and one for myself. I started using the in-tray for myself diligently.

But my mom and my wife didn’t get the idea of what to do about it. In spite of me telling them twice on what was the purpose of these in-trays and what you are supposed to do with it. I.e. …

Like weekly review, yearly review is also a checklist of things you would like to do or check off from the list.

So make your own customized checklist either using pen & paper or excel sheet or any app of your liking

#1. Organize all the computer files on laptop and take adequate backup

  1. All Images
  2. All Videos
  3. All PDF
  4. All Word
  5. All Excel
  6. All PPTs
  7. All Other data or types of files

#2. Organize all the paper documents

#3. Review Horizon of focus

10k ft. — Update all the projects from the projects list

20k ft. — Update below areas of life

  1. Area of Business (Update quarterly and end-of-year records)
  2. Area of Family
  3. Area of Finance (Update financial records)
  4. Area of Growth…

Our meeting started with the debriefing of what the GTD practitioner group is about, the purpose, intention and objective.

Natural Planning Model

We started with Natural Planning Model a google doc where we collaborated to arrive at the consensus of what the Big — WHY? and big WHAT for us.

After covering the big WHY and big WHAT the next obvious question is the big HOW, we haven’t rushed in answering it, everyone in our group was of the opinion that we will get the answers as we tread the path and it will grow on us.

After NPM we started with a…

Notes for exam

If you have a written paper on entrepreneurship management, wherein you are asked to write short notes and are supposed to write lengthy answers on the answer sheets then head to this link where I have compiled questions and answers in notes specifically for Mumbai university syllabus for the subject of entrepreneurship management.

“All the best for your exam”

Remember you become an expert in entrepreneurship by setting up and running your business, not by scoring good grades in the subject of entrepreneurship management.


Since you have purchased and read this book. As a gesture of goodwill I would like…

You might have noticed that there is no mainstream textbook for entrepreneurship management the way we have Philip Kotler for marketing. Though this book is not an encyclopedia of entrepreneurship, it covers all the topics which a classroom professor of b-school should take to teach and develop real entrepreneurs out of the management students.

Over the years, I have been researching on the internet what’s the latest that is happening in the startup arena, my endeavor has always been to find out how I can teach students to lead a real life experience as an entrepreneur.

My teaching style is…

Dear Faculty,

On the event of Teacher`s Day, we would like to take a contribution from your end in a form of a write up to know about your philosophy and teaching pedagogy.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher my only job is to create curiosity in students' minds. A curious mind google, opens book, enters library, chat with professional on LinkedIn, call mentor, visit places and try out things on his own.

A curious mind listens to people, observes the world. Comprehends what needs to be done. …

Arun Kumar V वाघचौरे

Teacher + Trainer + Entrepreneur (Visiting Faculty at Welingkar + Getting Things Done Trainer + Edupreneur at,Productivity enthusiast

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