Afterword from the Book on Entrepreneurship Management for Management Students


Notes for exam

If you have a written paper on entrepreneurship management, wherein you are asked to write short notes and are supposed to write lengthy answers on the answer sheets then head to this link where I have compiled questions and answers in notes specifically for Mumbai university syllabus for the subject of entrepreneurship management.

“All the best for your exam”

Remember you become an expert in entrepreneurship by setting up and running your business, not by scoring good grades in the subject of entrepreneurship management.


Since you have purchased and read this book. As a gesture of goodwill I would like to help you with one hour of telephonic mentoring. If you are planning to start a business or are already in business and would like to seek my advice for your business drop me a mail at with subject — Seeking mentoring — book reader

Get your name in the book

I plan to compile and publish the 1st five testimonials, under the section of acknowledgement in this book. These would be the positive reviews from the students who have purchased the book and would like to recommend it to others. If you are that student kindly mail me the testimonials at with subject — Testimonial for book


“What’s the single most important thing that I should do to improve this book?”

Please share your one liner suggestion to me over email at with subject — Improvement for book

Recommend this book

If you find this book valuable, please recommend it to others so that they can learn from it.

You can avail the copy of book from the link here, use coupon code : diwalidhamaka

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