Defining the difficulty scale for Tech

I am trying to define a difficulty (or complexity) scale from a layman point of view for any kind of tech. By tech I mean tech solution, tech effort, tech stack or tech answer. Here Tech also means and includes development, s/w, h/w, testing, design, networking, security etc.

Scale starting from 0 to 10. Where 10 is the easiest tech solutions, effort or answer. And 0 is the most difficult tech solution there could be. Since it’s more of scoring system than a ranking system , I have taken level 10 as easiest.

Assume that teams have all expertise and has all the needed domain knowledge.

Most of the tech gurus would say that they need to get the business requirements first, need to get the scope and complexity of the project and only then they can give a difficulty score on tech, but I request to purely look it from a tech dimension and propose a ready reckoner so that eventually if a website or an app needs to be developed it can be nicely pinned to the difficulty (or complexity) scale

0 Level — Hard — Impossible

Crack into a secure system like hacking

1 Level

Developing operating system like Linux kernel etc, system level development like building a panel for space shuttle

2 Level

Core changes to Bitcoin/Crypto currency main branch+ Business Intelligence, AI+ML code

3 Level

Social Networking + BI

4 Level

Writing on Native code or game, writing bare code on github

5 Level

Setting Ecommerce + Payment gateway

6 Level

Setting Ecommerce, Writing Javascript

7 Level

Use of CMS like Word press site, templates

8 Level

Creating Simple static website, i.e including HTML + CSS

9 Level

Low or no code app or program, drag and drop, plug and play possibility

10 Level — Easiest

Not a single line of code to be written, no tech component needed

Please, please, please 🙏 give your review, suggestions, comments or edits on my understanding of the proposed difficulty scale for tech. Your 2 cents would be value adding to me. I promise to update the post with your credit and inputs, Feel free to use this scale like open source (wiki) since it’s a collaborative effort.

Post Edit: Thank you Akshay Surve, Kedar Potdar and Venkat G, for you valuable feedback.



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