How has pandemic changed the future course of work for organizations from POV of WFH?


This is quite a board question, looking from point of view of WFH

Before WFH, WFO was also not necessarily the best option for everyone, it’s not possible that you would have an office within 1km of your house, and your wife’s office, kids schools are also on the way so that you are able to drop them as shown in movies. In real life we are infested with traffic snarls, jam packed trains and buses.

WFH is the only choice in a pandemic, I am missing the office environment, distinction or boundary between work and life. I think in the future, organizations will provide their employees the choice to work from home and even possibly from shared office or co-working spaces that are suitable to them.

WFH has it’s disadvantages too, managers might have come across that their employees are not respecting them or disobeying commands, this is because the engagement is no longer in person. With in-person face-to-face conversation the eye contact, the aura that you carry around and the vibes you give has a much higher impact which is totally missing in online conversation. Fortunately, I have come across colleagues, teams, who are quite professional and students who are mature in understanding the challenges of the day. But there might be others who might have faced the problems of online communication.

Did you face any challenges like this?



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