How to do Yearly Review for 2021


Like weekly review, yearly review is also a checklist of things you would like to do or check off from the list.

So make your own customized checklist either using pen & paper or excel sheet or any app of your liking

#1. Organize all the computer files on laptop and take adequate backup

  1. All Images
  2. All Videos
  3. All PDF
  4. All Word
  5. All Excel
  6. All PPTs
  7. All Other data or types of files

#2. Organize all the paper documents

#3. Review Horizon of focus

10k ft. — Update all the projects from the projects list

20k ft. — Update below areas of life

  1. Area of Business (Update quarterly and end-of-year records)
  2. Area of Family
  3. Area of Finance (Update financial records)
  4. Area of Growth & Learning (Update the quantified self records)
  5. Area of Health (Update health records & Do yearly health checkup)
  6. Area of Career (Update resume)
  7. Area of Education
  8. Area of Leisure and travel
  9. Area of Mental, emotional and spiritual
  10. Area of Relationship
  11. Area of Serving others

30k ft. — Update — Goals and objectives sheet

40k ft. — Update — Vision sheet

50k ft. — Update — Purpose and core values sheet

#4. Review Habits & Resolutions

#5. Review Systems and Process both on personal and professional front

#6. Review Recurring or Repetitive items or Routines etc.

#7. Go through Someday Maybe list

There are still 12 days remaining for the new year, you don’t need to pull your hair over this. Plan it out. You can’t do everything. Decide what’s important to you? How much time are you willing to spend? Is there any smarter and faster way to do it?

Finally don’t get overwhelmed, keep your sanity in check. Remember your yearly review system should work for you and not the other way round. Write to me in case if you need any help?



Arun Kumar V वाघचौरे

Teacher + Trainer + Entrepreneur (Visiting Faculty at Welingkar + Getting Things Done Trainer + Edupreneur at,Productivity enthusiast