New Age Training for New Age Workforce

Abhijeet is a well known renowned HR, a learning and development specialist working in a top notch MNC in Mumbai. He is an avid reader and has his ears on the ground he is able to tune himself to find what’s latest and relevant that’s happening in the industry. He is also a change agent not in a theoretical sense but as a real influencer, because of his charisma and integrity his spoken words in his organization helps to bring about a transformational shift in employees, furthermore his tweeted words bring about ripples of positive change in society since he is someone who roots for just cause and shares his learnings and deep thoughts time to time through his blogs and social media post.

Every year as a part of HR process few months before preparing the final budget, Abhijeet knows that he will have to kick-start communication with various departments to send them the forms asking all the managers, what are the most needed training requirements of their team members? Most of the thorough managers would already have list of the training requirements which has been pooled and consolidate either from latest employee appraisals or performance review.

Usually this list falls into two categories

  1. List of trainings which would need domain or Tech/STEM knowledge/skills
  2. List of trainings which would need a soft skills or behavioral knowledge/skills

Abhijeet being insightful knows that the list #1 is quiet an apt and it completely fulfills the real needs of the department, but the list No #2 might be a misrepresentation of the requirements. Most of the managers are heavy handed when it comes to domain expertise in their own areas of specialization, but when it comes to the areas of behavioural, social or psychological need they are inept to give proper assessment.

If it’s left to these managers they compile the list something like this

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Team building
  3. Communication skills
  4. Time management
  5. Service excellence
  6. Problem solving
  7. Etiquette
  8. Customer service
  9. Emotional skills
  10. Quality assurance

Upon close observation it dawns upon Abhijeet that this list is the most populist list found in the industry and what’s aggravatingly dangerous is that this is the same list which was compiled during 60s and is still being dragged in the workplace today.

So how does one avoid this skimming or shallow approach, It’s not that Abhijeet discards totally what’s been captured by the managers using bottom-up approach. He takes into considerations of all the inputs, stated and unstated facts and requirements. Abhijeet an astute HR has a better understanding of humanities as compared to the managers. He doesn’t just rely on the internal needs from the organisation, he also taps into his intuition. He gets that today’s millennial workforce are facing different sets of variables to battle with on one side they have best of technology in front of them, with industrial productivity at its peak. The set bar of output and performance can’t be lowered at best it can only be kept constant. One the other hand the distractions of facebook, instagram, youtube and tinder are real and imminent at the same time temptations like procrastination have become far more grave and dangerous.

Abhijeet knows that HRs shouldn’t play role like those typical parents who spoil these millennial kids by instilling a belief that they are entitled for everything and that everything is easy and available to them on platter. Few HRs might even go off the curb by providing them bean bags and allowing them to play pubg during office hours, there is no harm in copying startup culture in the organization but not at the cost of productivity.

Abhijeet now needs to find out if there is someone out there who understands this problem deeply, if there are any new age concepts defined for getting things done, for coping with digital distress, maintaining productivity experience, getting in the ‘flow’, someone who can teach how to listen for actions in the meetings and make notes and track to closure those actionable items. Someone who can do a walk-through for these millennial that emails are not supposed to be treated as instant messengers but something which has sanctity and piety since work comes on it and that even today the old adage holds true that the emails are supposed to be answered anywhere across the globe only after 24 hours in other words by next working day.

If you know any such trainer please recommend it to Abhijeet in comments below he is in dire need of it in his organization.