Preface from the Book on Entrepreneurship Management for Management Students


You might have noticed that there is no mainstream textbook for entrepreneurship management the way we have Philip Kotler for marketing. Though this book is not an encyclopedia of entrepreneurship, it covers all the topics which a classroom professor of b-school should take to teach and develop real entrepreneurs out of the management students.

Over the years, I have been researching on the internet what’s the latest that is happening in the startup arena, my endeavor has always been to find out how I can teach students to lead a real life experience as an entrepreneur.

My teaching style is centered around the pedagogy of asking students to do real life projects and assignments which teaches entrepreneurship by practice. And I use slides only as a supplementary teaching aid in the classroom. Students often ask me to share slides at the end of lectures. But since almost all of my slides are either pictures or rich illustrations with very little of text in them (like an infographic format) It makes no sense for me to give away my slides as it would not do value addition and justice to their learning.

Thus this book arose out of the sheer need that students should be able to recall everything even after the class. This book is a direct combination of slides that I use to teach my students and the speaker notes in them. The speaker notes (or key note) acts as a narrative tour to guide each and every concept of entrepreneurship management covered in the book.

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