If I would have been the PM Modi’s speech writer, I would have written the speech in the same lines. Each and every word is so important, carefully placed and has so much weight, It would need one of the worlds best orator to pull it off and who would match it non other than a our very best pathos (appeals to the emotions of the audience and elicits feelings) orator PM Modi by performing mic dropping act of asking people to chant — “मेरे साथ फिर एक बार बोलिए, जय सियाराम, जय सियाराम!!!” after every page turn of his speech.

This historic speech will also need a well crafted narrative. What’s the narrative at play here?

Earlier narrative was “Destroy mosque and resurrect mandir”. Now it is changed to — “Shouldn’t we have a go-to holy shrine for deity Ram at it’s birthplace Ayodha?” Both the narratives are miles apart.

The 3 Act Play

Act 1 — People were at stomach churn — How can I be partisan to destruction of someone’s place of worship? — Nope I don’t subscribe to this — was nations thought process. with exceptions of Kar sevaks and it’s parties.

Act 2 — With Supreme court — Solving this matter after so many years, of winding debates. With SC’s verdict. Finally people were off the hook, I no longer have to feel sad, guilty or concerned. The big Rubik’s cube is solved by Supreme court. Winners can take the trophy and losers can go home. Nation can now sit back and relax.

Act 3 — Now with a flat land, anything is possible. Not unless we have a new narrative, that erases the earlier narrative. And what’s the new narrative — “Shouldn’t we have a go-to holy shrine for deity Ram at it’s birthplace Ayodha?”

As his speech writer, I would have strongly advised PM to drop this below line, It’s a dig on the ghost — ‘they’ never bring ‘they’ in the historic speech, unless it’s mud slinging rally speech for votes.

Dig by PM Modi — इमारतें नष्ट कर दी गईं, अस्तित्व मिटाने का प्रयास भी बहुत हुआ, लेकिन राम आज भी हमारे मन में बसे हैं, हमारी संस्कृति का आधार हैं।

If you ask me my personal opinion on this matter, like most intellectuals. I would say — “Supreme court should have built a hospital/school/garden”. But I also believe supreme court, must have given prudent and wise judgement even if it is not matching with my opinion. I respect, accept and abide with supreme courts judgement.

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